Reactive Website Optimisation

Reactive Website Optimisation is a new service we’re offering, designed to ensure your website is as effective as it possibly can be.

Often we come across websites that have been abandoned or are nothing more than a pretty poster. Your website should and can be more than this.

A website is a tool that should be used to generate more business, and if it’s not - you need to know why.

Our Reactive Website Optimisation is an ongoing process to make your website as effective as possible.

We start this process by identifying any issues with the website currently, such as buggy scripts, low page speed scores or insecure content.

After everything is ship-shape, we can then start to look at what your users are doing on the website. This includes what pages are popular, where users are clicking the most and if there are any frustrations or areas that cause visitors to leave.

Armed with this information we can then tweak the website accordingly, and address any issues.

Split testing or A/B testing then allows us to make multiple versions of a webpage, and direct half of your traffic to each, in order to see what works the best. We then set this webpage as the current one, and can still continue optimising from there.

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