Brand Design

Your brand as a whole is the experience and feelings your customers associate with your business. It’s the reputation you leave behind, the way you are referred into businesses and generally what gets talked about behind your back.

With the impact it can have, it’s important that your brand is always represented positively.

Brand design is the visual component to your brand. It’s the art of designing a consistent visual appearance that thoroughly resonates your brand.

At Ginger we consider your brand design to be one of the most important stages to any creative project. Whether it’s creating your first logo for a new business, or redefining an established one to fit in with company direction.

Our team of creatives have launched many successful brands, and as with all of our services start off by getting to know you and your business. Only through a thorough investigative process can we identify the personality behind your business and use this to steer our creative process.

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