Business Cards

Everything we do in business today is digital but the business card is the one direct marketing tool that digital will not fully replace anytime soon.

Networking is all about making personal connections: reading body language, engaging in eye contact and conversation, is how real connections and relationships are built. The small but mighty, old school business card is still very important, arming yourself with a pocket full is essential if you encounter a potential lead or prospect connection. Being prepared at all times is a excellent indicator that you are professional and ready to do business.

A business card is your first impression which reflects you and your company’s brand: you should be asking yourself - Do I want my first connection with a potential customer to associate my brand with the word cheap? Your business card is your shop front, make that first impression count and be remembered for the right reasons.

Here at Ginger we like to get to know you and your company so we have clear idea of what you are looking to reflect in your cards. Your cards are bespoke and designed for just you and your company, we don’t just offer stock template cards with your details inserted that lots of other companies and possibly competitors could have exactly the same image, colours and card layout.

As well as bespoke design, how your cards are finished can be just as important: the thickness, texture and colour of card, matt or gloss laminated and digital embossed are to name a few - these all add to that all important first and hopefully lasting impression.

Tell us about your business and find out how we can help your card stand out from the crowd.