WestBrook Recruitment

Web Design, Web Development, Marketing

On-brand website and marketing campaign

Project Brief

WestBrook recruitment is a new recruitment agency being started by Karen (from Ginger!).

Initially we approached this project to setup a straightforward brochure website for the new business, filled with information and a content to get it started.

The design was done by Karen, whilst Nathan cracked on with putting the website together, and given the short deadlines this site was produced using WordPress.

Candidate Management

After the brochure site was built, WestBrook had an immediate need to keep records of the candidates that signed up with the agency, and what better way to flex some of our back-end coding muscles than buy building such a system.

Initially, this system was built using CouchCMS due to it's flexibility with data fields, and staying out of our way for the front-end.

Once the business launches fully we're planning to create this as a completely bespoke recruitment system using NodeJS.

Marketing and promotion

To get the business' name out there and fill some immediate roles we had, we created focused landing pages that offered information and insights into roles that were currently available.

We then published these using both Facebook and Google advertising, and monitored the results - tweaking the webpages continually until we had a successful stream of candidate sign-ups.

This has provided WestBrook with some excellent data when it launches fully later this year, as we know exactly where to focus it's marketing efforts to make the biggest impact.