Fisher Funerals

Web Development

Cost-effective rebuild of a once-broken website

The Project

We were introduced to Karen at Fisher Funerals by recommendation by the fantastic Samantha Toolsie, as the website they currently had was faced with a number of issues.

The site didn't work well on mobile, had elements positioned poorly and the slider for the site only worked on Google Chrome on PC's.

Our Plan

We approached this project initially to attempt to fix their current issues, but on looking at the codebase that made up the site it was evident that would have been more time-consuming (and generally more painful).

Instead, we decided to rebuild the website from scratch. Keeping the same look and feel, fixing the current issues and ensuring the website performed well on Google Page Speed Insights (ranking 98/100).

Ongoing Support

The rebuild was a success, and the site produced matched their previous designs and assets - but was neatened up a fair bit.

Karen and the team were delighted with the new site, and we've offered continued support for the site under our SLA - keeping the website up-to-date and maintained.

We're looking forward to working with and supporting Fisher Funerals for the future, and can highly recommend their services to all who need them.
Karen's team are very compassionate and understanding at such a difficult time in people's lives.